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First Impressions Matter!

​Personalize with Text, Logo, or Both!


Enhance your professional wardrobe with the polished look of custom embroidery!
Call 480-507-2049 and ask for Nancy with any embroidery questions.


  • There are many fonts to choose from - keeping in mind some fonts are hard to read


  • When embroidering text, it's a good practice to limit the text to 3 lines



Unless you have had the logo embroidered before and have the digitized format on disk you will need to get your logo digitized and we can help with that.


  • To digitize a logo, we need to have the logo in a .PDF or .JPG format.


  • We need to get the logo digitized 1st before we can do the Embroidering.


  • The stitch count determines how much the logo costs. The more involved the logo, the higher the stitch count (generally).


  • The number of colors in a logo does not affect the embroidery cost.

  • The cost of the logo to embroider depends on:

    • how many pieces are embroidered at the same time

    • what the stitch count is.


  • Name only on the shirt: Most people prefer it on the right chest side. Logo and Name on the shirt: most people prefer the name on the right side and logo on left

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